McAfee, A. (2005). Pharmacy service improvement at CVS (A). Harvard


McAfee, A. (2005). Pharmacy service improvement at CVS (A). Harvard Business School. Retrieved from

  1. Do you see the problems at CVS justifying a process transformation? Why or why not? Explain using concepts learned about business process re-engineering/transformation
  2. What changes on the managerial level would you recommend for PSI at CVS?
  3. What process changes would you recommend for PST at CVS?
  4. What is the role of technology, if any, for PSI at CVS?
  5. How would you test your recommended changes to the process to make sure an improvement has been achieved?
  6. What groups, if any, are likely to have problems with your proposed solution? How will you deal with their objections?

 Breadth of analysis: all case issues, as indicated in the provided case questions, have been adequately addressed/20b. Depth of analysis: case issues are analyzed with adequate depth/20c. Connections to theoretical concepts: analysis refers to the appropriate concepts and terms learned in the unit/ readings/15d. Action plans/ recommendations: analysis had led to sound and well justified recommendations/ action plans

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