Examine the UN Millennium Developmental Goals (2015) and the U.S.


  • Examine the UN Millennium Developmental Goals (2015)      and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Global Programs      & Initiatives. Select a UN Millennium Goal and a HHS Global initiative      which could be utilized as a basis of reference for addressing the      palliative care issues and obstacles in nations. Then based on that goal      and initiative compare, contrast and describe the cultural end-of-life      care policies & services of China, India, or sub-Saharan Africa with      that of Europe.
  • Analyze and hypothesize why the United States spends      more money per capita on health care and does not have the greatest return      for the money as compared to other developed countries such as Japan.
  • How can WHO’s health policies make a difference in      global health care? Be specific and provide advocacy suggestions.
  • Examine the UN Millennium Developmental Goals (2015)      and the latest progress made toward their attainment. Why is important to      note their progress worldwide? Then, contact organizations already      involved in efforts to improve the health of the nation to understand what      is already is being done and what are the gaps or ongoing needs. Select a      country and highlight your interviews, research and findings for that      country.

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