REQUIRED: 1. Using EDGAR import via PDF the company’s most



1.   Using EDGAR import via PDF the company’s most recent annual report on file. The company must be traded on a United States stock exchange, no exceptions! 

2. Based on the CEO’s letter provide a 3-paragraph summary on the current challenges facing the company, how they are over coming those challenges, and what their vision is for the future of the company.

3. If the business has business segments, provide a 2-3 paragraph summary of how the divisions compare to each other in terms of size and profitability.

4. Provide a 1 paragraph summary regarding who the independent accounting firm is, what type of opinion they rendered and if there are any interpretations regarding the treatment of transactions under GAAP.

5. In 3 -4 paragraphs highlight what you believe are key footnotes for the company regarding the explanation of the financial statements themselves and why you think they are the key footnotes.

6. Who are the key board members and management team?

7. Calculate the ratios provided in chapter 6 of your textbook for the company and in 1-2 sentences for each provide an explanation whether this is a positive or negative trend for the company.

8. In one paragraph tell me whether you would or would not invest in this company and why.

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