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examine the 4 legal traditions in criminal justice. Be sure

 examine the 4 legal traditions in criminal justice. Be sure to include the historical origin, the basic characteristics, and the prevalence of these  legal traditions in contemporary society. ” the common law legal tradition, the civil law legal tradition, the Islamic legal tradition, and the indigenous legal tradition.”

Include a minimum of three sources in your final paper to support your writing and make sure to properly
cite the selected resources using APA style (your textbook can be used as a source). Your final paper
must include a cover page and a reference page, and should include a minimum of at least 800 words (not
including the cover and reference page). Additionally, the final draft should be double-spaced, free of
grammatical and structural errors, and include standard margins and fonts. Please remember that this
assignment, as well as all of the others associated with this course, is expected to be your own original

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