The benchmark assignment is a compilation of the skills and



The benchmark assignment is a compilation of the skills and knowledge gained in this course. This is an opportunity to convey what you have learned and reflect upon your growth. You have presented your revised professional development session and received feedback from the participants. It is important in professional practice to reflect on that experience.

In 750-1,000 words reflect on your experiences. Include the following in your reflection:

  • A summary of the presentation, including the feedback you received, and improvements made based on that feedback.
  • School-based data and evidence-based research used to substantiate presented strategies and ensure organizational effectiveness.
  • How the professional development session increases the capacity of faculty in a way that aligns to the school vision and mission and promotes student learning.
  • Next steps you would take as a principal to ensure the skills in the PD are embedded in classroom instruction.
  • How you plan to anticipate and assess emerging trends and initiatives to adapt school-based leadership strategies in the future.
  • How you prepared for your presentation and your level of confidence during the presentation.

Support your next steps and emerging trends and initiatives with at least 2-3 scholarly resources.

Submit the final professional development presentation along with your reflection.

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