Create a short statement or phrase that captures one interesting,


Create a short statement or phrase that captures one interesting, unique, and positive characteristic of your country.

This should be one sentence or phrase that identifies some unique and interesting fact that sets your country apart from other countries in Africa. Below are a few examples – please do not replicate any of these in your own work. Be creative – and remember to be positive! Did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt stood as the world’s tallest structure for over 3,800 years? Source (외부 사이트로 연결합니다.)외부 사이트로 연결합니다.: History Lists 11 Things You May not Know About Ancient Egypt Did you know that Algeria has the largest gold reserve in all of Africa? Source (외부 사이트로 연결합니다.)외부 사이트로 연결합니다.: (Ecofin Agency) – According to a report published by World Gold Council on March 11, 2016 Did you know that South Africa ranks # 19 in the world for winning 10 Nobel prizes? Source (외부 사이트로 연결합니다.)외부 사이트로 연결합니다.: Nobel Prize Winners By Country

V. Currency What is the monetary currency used in your assigned country What is the exchange rate to the US Dollar? VI. Major Economic Features What is the population of your country? What are the major natural resources and the major features of the economy? Is the economy driven by the export of minerals and raw materials, agriculture, significant industries, or a mixture of these? Which countries are its largest trading partners? Is the country a member of a regional African trading bloc? What are the main exports? What are the main imports? What is the current Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? What is the current Gross National Product (GNP)? What is the unemployment rate? What is the foreign debt? What is the state of the economy, judged by its GDP, GNP, the unemployment rate, and other signs of economic health? What is its economic relationship with the United States?

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