Exploring the Role of Law Enforcement in Cybersecurity


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Secret Service both have outreach programs to the private sector to enhance reporting or cyber crime. The FBI program is called the InfraGard National Members Alliance. The Secret Service program is the Electronic Crimes Task Force. Below are 2 statements regarding these efforts. In a 200-300 words, please state which statement you agree with, and explain why you support that statement. Statement

1: Having 2 industry outreach efforts on cybersecurity by federal law enforcement is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars and serves to only confuse industry. These programs should be combined into 1 consolidated initiative. Statement 2: Having 2 efforts is necessary because these programs have similar but distinct missions. These programs need to remain separate, because having both provides a scaling capability that would not be achieved if only 1 agency conducted outreach efforts. •Would you say that the ongoing attacks against U.S. industry and government networks represent cyber war or cyber crime? •What implications do defining attacks have on how the U.S. government responds to them?

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