Operations strategy development


Using the below broad concepts and topics, develop an operations strategy for a business your are about to be launch. The write up should not be less 1000 words with proper academic writing and proper Harvard referencing style.

Part A:

Strategic Operations Management • The aim is to develop an operations strategy for a business that you are planning to launch. • You should begin by giving your organization a name, deciding on the business sector in which it will operate, and determining what products and services it will provide. • Identify the strategy that you believe will be suited to your business. • You should determine what suppliers you will require for your business, where you will find them, and what your supplier strategies will be. • Provide justifications for your choices. In addition, you should determine the key processes that are central to your business and describe them briefly with the help of suitable process maps.

Part B: Globalisation and Sustainability Strategy • For your selected business, determine the key strategic decisions that you will need to consider based on the issues explored this week (insourcing/outsourcing, green supply chain, CSR/ethics, globalisation). • Why have you chosen these strategies and what do you expect them to contribute to the success of your business? Part C: Manufacturing and service sectors strategies • For your selected business, and depending on whether it’s in manufacturing or service sector determine your key operations strategies and justify why you think the approaches you have chosen will bring success to your business. Part D : Technology as a strategy enabler For your business, you need to decide the role that operations or manufacturing technology, Internet technology and social media will play in making your business a success. Consider the following questions: • What technologies would you choose? • Where will you source them? • How will you integrate them into your business operations?

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