Description Companies organize themselves in various ways in order to communicate the goals of the organization, make decisions to implement those goals, and allocate work to carry out the decisions. Organizations can be hierarchical or flat, bureaucratic or flexible, planned or ad hoc. An important part of being successful in the simulation is understanding how your firm is organized, and shaping it to best achieve corporate goals. 1. Identify three different ways in which a company may be organized: 2. List 3 advantages and disadvantages of each? 3. How is the firm in Corporation organized? 4. How might each of the following strategies affect the organization of your firm in Corporation? • Focus on a single product type: • Expand into three different regions: • Serve a particular customer segment with multiple needs (such as hardware and software): • Serve different customer segments (such as consumer and business): 5. Read this article “What is Agile? The Four Essential Elements” Write a summary of the article that includes your response to its ideas. 6. Write a brief summary of your key learnings from the article attached in the additional file “Present CPC PBA Preparation Course Module 3 Needs v1.0 16 0115”. Explain why is this content important to project manager and business analyst and how will they use it?


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