Review of the film The Greatest Showman


For Essay 2, you will write a 1,200 word review of the film The Greatest Showman. In the review, you will be clear to present your evaluation of the film in an analytical way, proving why moviegoers should (or should not) see the film. You may choose to qualify your analysis, suggesting that the film might be good for certain audiences but not for others. That is perfectly acceptable, just as it is perfectly acceptable to point out the movies flaws in addition to its strengths.

The key is to write a thoughtful, 6-paragraph, review of the film that is organized logically. Avoid providing thumbs up or starred reviews as this assignment is not meant for that. Ultimately, you are providing your critique of the film. Additionally, be sure to avoid plot summary. There is no need to retell the plot of the film or give away unnecessary spoilers. Finally, be sure to write using Standard American English, use MLA format, and include a Works Cited page. Also, keep in mind that your essay should be written using 3rd person point of view, and when discussing films, you should use present tense rather than past tense.

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