“Why’s This So Good? David Foster Wallace and the Brilliant ‘Consider


For this assignment, you will write a persuasive, thesis-driven, well-supported, and analytical essay that rhetorically analyzes the effectiveness of one of the Barbara Holland essays we read this quarter (except for “Plans” or “Coffee”). As you consider how Holland is effective in the essay you choose to analyze, make sure you keep in mind our class’s guiding question: “How does a writer shift a paradigm?” Basically, you will need to make an argument about the rhetorical choices that Holland makes to persuade her audience to change their way of thinking about a specific topic / idea. You will have two model texts to refer to as you develop your essays: “Why’s This So Good? David Foster Wallace and the Brilliant ‘Consider the Lobster’” by Ryan Marnane and Why’s This So Good? David Foster Wallace on the Vagaries of Cruising” by Megan Garber.

What this means in that in addition to the class’s guiding question, you can also consider the question “Why’s This So Good?” as part of your response to the Holland essay you choose to analyze. The essay needs to be at least 1800 words (about 5-6 pages, double spaced, TNR font) minimum.Drafting the “How Does a Writer Shift a Paradigm” Essay You will develop this essay in a minimum of 3 drafts, each practicing / using the specific set of skills / objectives we discuss in class. Draft 1(due in week 7) – make sure that you identify your specific audience and describe the context, aka the rhetorical situation of and a summary of the essay you’ll be analyzing, then develop your argument as specifically as you can, keeping in mind the goal of your claims / evidence / analysis: to prove to your audience that Holland makes specific choices that persuade her audience to change their way of thinking.

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