Analytical Essay-“In the Dark”.


Overview and purpose: For this assignment, students will write a 750-1,000 word essay that rhetorically analyzes 1 episode of Season 1 of the podcast “In the Dark.” For this essay, students will demonstrate an understanding of the rhetorical choices used by the podcast and will analyze the effectiveness of those choices in delivering the message of the podcast. Emphasis on this project will be understanding textual choices and rhetorical appeals, demonstrating competence in developing clear, complex analysis with significance and reasoning. Task: Select 1 episode from Season 1 of the podcast “In the Dark.” Identify that episode’s main idea and purpose, then analyze the textual choices of that episode in its delivery of its ideas and purpose. A successful analytical essay should contextualize the text as a piece of a larger conversation, summarize the text’s most compelling ideas and purpose, and offer a claim about the text’s rhetorical strategies. Evidence from the text should be used to support and develop all claims and analysis. The podcast is your only text for this assignment. This essay should be formatted in MLA, including correct parenthetical citations and a Work Cited page. Audience: Your essay should be written for a sophisticated, academic audience and will be assessed for its application of analytical writing, and for standards of clarity, correctness, and style. Process: The writing schedule for this assignment will follow a step by step writing process, so students should be aware of the course schedule for submitting the parts of this writing, like outlining, drafting, and peer review.

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