Computer information systems


1 . DESIGN A FLOWCHART TO DEMONSTRATE THE SOLUTION TO THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM. The salespeople in a business (in this case a travel agency) work on a commission basis. 1. Create the flowchart for the graphical solution to the problem. The design of your flowchart must identify the following: a) transaction (per record) For all domestic flights the amount of travel agent commission will be 50% of the total amount generated of profit per b) For all non-domestic flights the travel agent must make sure that the profit generated per passenger (not necessarily per transaction) is minimum $60.00 c) If the profit generated is $60.00 or more, then the travel agent commission is calculated as half of the total profit. d) If the profit generated is less than $60.00 then the travel agency commission is calculated as the (profit per passenger minus $30.00) times the number of passengers. Please note that sometimes, if the profit is less than $60.00, the travel agent will pay monies back to the agency instead of receiving a commission. 2. Write the formula to resolve the problem DATA SAMPLES i would have to send you the graph when accepted to show you what im talking about

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