Ethical dilemma paper


 Ethical Dilemma paper (MO 1-3) Instructions: Choose and examine an Ethical dilemma that may be faced in nursing care , PRO-LIFE CHOICE)? Compare Christian and secular perspectives. In the conclusion briefly review the key concepts and provide your personal perspective. Paper Logistics: Cover page and reference page should be structured in APA format. The body of the paper must be 1000 – words in length. Use primary headings and sub-headings to organize the body of your paper. Academic papers are written in 3rd person unless otherwise stated. In this case, in the conclusion. Paragraphs should be about 5 – 7 sentences long, no more than 10. Only 2 short quotes allowed, with quotation marks and page number. Include 4 professional journal articles. **Must have 4 journals that are current (2012-2017) and scholarly for full credit. In-text citations must be included.

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