Gatorade Project: Examine consumer attitudes toward the product. What


Continue on with a already half written project. here is the latest thing to do. Can you please put the attached paper and this new one togethre with all the necessary pieces such as Executive Summary, Introduction, Conclusion, and References.

Total Credit: 100 points For your project, so far you should have already completed Background Data, Advertising, Attitudes, and Decision Making. To complete your written report, you should continue to address consumer factors of values and lifestyles (discussed below) and include Executive Summary, Introduction, Conclusion, and References.

This report should be approximately 17 pages, double-spaced, with 12 point font and one inch margins. You should follow the format outlined below. The report will be marked based on both content and form. High quality writing is expected. Topic Areas. The following topic areas must be addressed in your report: Background Data. Provide background information on your company and the selected product or product line. This should be relatively brief (no more than two pages). It should provide a clear snapshot of the company and product’s purpose and position within the industry.

Advertising Analysis. Perform an analysis of the company’s advertising. Pay particular attention to the use of semiotics – examine the symbols used within the ads, and interpret the meanings of these symbols. Analyze and interpret several advertisements. (You should analyze the ads even if you do not believe that semiotics is used.) Use your analysis to explain the company’s image within consumers’ minds. Attitudes. Examine consumer attitudes toward the product. What is the attitude valence for this product, generally? Are attitudes extreme or moderate? Are they strongly held? How do product attitudes seem to be formed? How are they changed? How do you believe they are structured? Apply one or more attitude models from class, and explain why you believe it fits your product. Decision Making. Examine the consumer decision-making process for your product. What level of involvement do people have? How do people come to the decision to use this product? Apply specific decision rules from class. Values. You should examine how issues of one’s values affect purchasing and use decisions for your chosen product. Clearly identify any value measures you use, and explain why they are appropriate. Lifestyles. You will need to examine how lifestyles affect product usage. What lifestyles and behaviors do product purchasers have in common? How are these important to the company

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