The Most Successful Social Welfare Program


Your essay must be 1000 words in length. It is okay to do a bit less (950) or a bit more (1200) , but much less or much more will result in loss of points. -Your essay is to have a cover page with the following information: Your name, course and section number, semester of enrollment, a word count and a title indicating the topic of your essay. The word count should reflect your own work (do not include citations, quotes, cover pages, or a bibliography). -Each student is expected to utilize 2-3 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed articles from academic journals) per writing assignment. Please visit the Library page from the TWU website and locate the databases for scholarly journals. Academic Search Complete and Jstor are good examples of which to use. If you need assistance locating this feature or anything else pertaining to library aid, please contact the research librarian. -For current events related information, use a newspaper, news magazine, news website, a court case or an actual law. The course textbook, Wikipedia, internet search engines, blogs and similar items are examples of unacceptable research sources on the collegiate level. -Failure to identify sources is plagiarism. Provide the full MLA citation for all outside sources. All references are to be documented within the body of the assignment and on a works cited page. The Owl at Purdue is recommended in creating your citations in place of any automated citation generator. -Only your own words will count toward the writing requirements. The writing assignments are intended to assess your comprehension of the material. -Assignments will be run through a plagiarism checking tool called Turn It In. You should turn your assignment in through the designated drop box. -All assignments are expected to meet college level writing requirements; all answers are to be in essay format and the expectation is for each student to engage the topics using critical analysis. Please do not attempt to provide simplified or elementary answers if you wish to earn credit for your work. Take the time to fully explain your ideas and demonstrate the depth of your understanding to earn the grade you want. -Do not use first person tones in the essay assignments. The prompts are designed to help you think about the topic, not to generate a direct response. First person tone is inappropriate in a college essay, but may be used in discussion forum activities. -Do not recycle previously written and submitted work in this course. Only original work written by you for this particular class is accepted. -There is no credit for partial work. The minimum writing expectation for each assignment or activity must be satisfied to earn a grade. Incomplete assignments will receive a zero.

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