Describe what happened, the fallout, and remediation techniques to


1.) The OPM data breach affected some 22.1 Million users. Describe what happened, the fallout, and remediation techniques to clean up from this data breach of massive scale. The Link Is Provided Below: /I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I

2.) Gregg Steinhafel the former CEO of Target was fired after the 2013 security breach on Target. In the above-listed readings, it details what happened with Target. Do you agree or disagree with the decision to fire Gregg Steinhafel? Write a 2 paragraph to support your stance on this topic. /I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I/I 3.) Read the article, “Tackling Malicious Code In A University Environment” from SANS regarding different malicious threat vectors and detail which one you think will be the most pervasive to network security. Please write a 2 page paper on one of the case study’s identified by this SANS article.

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