(Answered) Awareness of health care workers in cigarette third-hand smoking


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Awareness of health care workers in cigarette third-hand smoking Leadership Community Project for Nursing Purpose of the project: -Does the introduction provide sufficient context (or background and overview) of the focus and goals of the project? -Is the defined purpose (project idea) valid? Review of the current literature/ contextual framework -Has an appropriate context relative to the specific thesis or project and disciplinary protocol been provided? -Is the problem identified a valid community issue? Methodology and scope -Have methods been discussed in details?

-The scope of the project — has it been explained -What were the limitations? Analysis of the problem -Detailed paragraphs -The logical development of projects -Intellectually sound A solution to the problem -Suggestion of solutions -Impact on the subject after education/ or after new ideas were suggested -Utilize leadership and management techniques to assist with problem solutions Conclusion -Discuss important nursing concepts the reader need to know about findings -Does the writer go beyond summary and draw plausible conclusions from the analysis

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