(Answered) Marketing plan for Tesla Inc.


Paper details You will prepare a written marketing plan of a public firm of your choice. The written project must be professional in its composition. The plan will be graded on its content as well as proper grammar, logical construction, and organization. You should use as many sources as necessary to prepare your plan fully. Sources include: annual reports, journal articles, newspaper articles, conversations with key employees of the firm, Internet articles, and other materials found via your library search. An outline for you to follow is found below. Please use subsequent headings and subheadings in your work.

1.Executive Summary 1.Two page summary of the entire plan 2.Company Description 1.Highlights of the firm’s historical and recent operations 3.Strategic Focus and Plan 1.Mission 2.Goals 3.Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage 4.Situation Analysis 1.SWOT 2.Industry analysis 3.Competitive analysis 4.Company analysis 5.Customer analysis

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