(Answered) compare Celia, A Slave, by Melton Mclaurin


 You have read the book, Celia, A Slave, by Melton Mclaurin during the second half of our course. For your final exam, write an essay that relates the book to the unit essays that you have completed over the last five weeks. Not all of your essays may relate to the text, but your essay should demonstrate the extent to which the questions contribute to a broader understanding of the tensions and divisions that existed in the formation of the United States. Your essay must include the following: Clear references that include citations to both the book (Celia, A Slave) and the documents that you choose to revisit. Articulation of the tensions that frame the formation of the United States. Explanation of the issues that led to the Civil War. Comprehension of the events/issues that are at the center of Celia’s story. The basis of the final exam is the book, Celia, A Slave. There is a quiz based on the reading and an essay that you will write. To earn a good grade on the exam, you must answer the prompts completely. It is not adequate to give a summary of the book. You need to show how the book fits into the history that you have learned over the last five weeks. Draw on the unit essays to provide context to the book.

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