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Part C – Essay Below is the actual essay question for Exam 1 Several profound changes transformed Europe during the early modern era; for example, the fragmentation of Western Christendom, the consolidation of sovereign states, the early development of capitalism, elevation of scientific thinking to a prominent role in European culture, and the intellectual challenges posed by the Enlightenment. Discuss three changes and give 2 or 3 specific examples of the ways in which each of these changes were disruptive to European society and how each contributed to strengthen Europe. Indicate names, dates, places of events that support your ideas. Your response should be 3-4 pages typewritten double spaced. Introduce evidence from the class readings and be sure to cite your sources, not just when you quote (which you should do sparingly) but when you summarize and paraphrase, too. Use only the sources assigned for the class. Do not use outside sources. Submit this essay through Blackboard

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