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 Movie Analysis Paper SOSC201 Diversity in Society Assignment Points: 100 Assignment Weighting: 10% of Total Course Pts Assignment Overview: The purpose of the assignment is to analyze the cultural diversity portrayed in a movie using concepts from the course and to explore your own culture, identity, biases and more. It addresses Course Learning Outcomes 2, 3, and 7, and Excellence System Competencies as outlined in the course materials. Required elements: Required length: 4 pages minimum. Required sources: 3 sources in addition to course materials. Formatting requirements: Typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins, a cover page, and APA style. Assignment Directions: You must choose a movie from the following list. After you have watched your chosen film, answer the questions using concepts/terms from the text, required readings, and/or outside sources. Be sure to include a reference for your film. You will need to briefly describe scenes in the movie, however, PLEASE DO NOT RE-TELL THE STORYLINE; just refer to the scene. Answer the questions to focus your analysis. For each question, give an example – briefly describe the scene and character. Choose one of the main characters if the movie has many main characters rather than analyze each lightly. To get a better idea of what each movie is about, go to “The Trailer Addict” website: and type the title of any of the movies you would like to see a preview for in the search box. Click the search button and it will bring up one or several preview clips for that movie. For this assignment, it is more useful to choose a movie that is unfamiliar to you. Movie Titles: BOYS DON’T CRY SOSC201 – Diversity in Society Movie Analysis Paper 1. SYNOPSIS OF THE MOVIE Story and Plot of the movie—briefly describe (1-2 short paragraphs) Include the time frame of the story, the geographical location, the culture and the historical setting; the goal of this section is to introduce and to situate the story so that your reader can make sense of your analysis in the sections below. 2. RELATING THE MOVIE TO THE TEXT Using course materials, answer the following questions and identify which scene from the film informed your answer(s): Identify the overarching conflict and explain how labels were used to positively or negatively define group member(s). How did the film illustrate the conflict between power and oppression? Describe a scene. Did you see evidence of prejudice and/or discrimination in individual characters? Identify the types of prejudice and discrimination you saw (i.e. sexism, racism, ableism, etc.) How was the community or workplace hindered by discrimination and oppression? How would cultural competence on the part of the characters impacted the workforce or community? What changes would you have expected to see if the characters valued cultural competence? Discuss how you would expect your own culture, identity, biases, prejudices, and stereotypes to have been portrayed in the film. For example, if you were a character in the film, what would your script and behaviors have looked like? 3. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION What overall impact did the movie have on you? When viewing the film identify the various different emotional responses you experienced, share the one that most surprised you and the reason behind the surprise.

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