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Any large scale change endeavor requires a great deal of effort to implement. Implementing a corporate-wide balanced scorecard (BSC)-based performance management system is no different. In implementing such a system, organizational leaders face the challenge of overcoming organizational inertia rooted in resistance to change. This is no easy challenge, and it is one of the major reasons why many BSC initiatives (or large scale change initiatives in general) fail. In this assignment, you are to consider yourself an organizational dynamics consultant and consider what it takes to implement a large scale organizational change endeavor. After completing the required readings listed in the additional materials, write a 3-4 page essay that addresses the following issues: Describe the efforts put forth by BAE in implementing the BSC approach in their organization from an implementation perspective.

What efforts did they make to assure employees would be receptive to and accept the BSC initiative? Describe to what extent you believe their efforts were effective. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BE VERY SPECIFIC IN YOUR DESCRIPTIONS. Generalities will be rejected. ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: THE PAPER AND LANGUAGE MUST FLOW AND BE EASILY READABLE IN AMERICAN ENGLISH. Two spaces shall be used after each full stop (period). The essay must be a minimum of 3 pages in length (not counting the title page or references). You must include a list of references. APA formatting is required. There must be at least four (4) reputable sources cited (two of them being from the additional materials) and referenced in the paper. All work must be written in your own words; do not paste sections of text into the essay.

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