(Answered) Develop an analysis with management tips for each of the assignment cases.


Develop an analysis with management tips for each of the assignment cases. At least two outside sources other than the textbook must be cited. Use the information from the lesson 2 notes to create the case analysis….this contains what we are covering this week in class


Case Myrna, a waitress, complains to her boss that, Simon, a frequent patron of the restaurant, has been engaging in what she considers to be sexually harassing behavior. Myrna details Simon’s activities to her boss, requests that Simon be asked to stop, and that she not be required to wait on him in the future. Myrna’s boss, Stuart, the restaurant owner, says he will look into the matter. Not wishing to upset one of his best customers, Stuart puts the matter off for a few weeks, and when he eventually does get around to dealing with it, he tells Simon only that he should go a little easier on Myrna. Stuart does nothing about Myrna’s request to be relieved of any obligation to wait on Simon.

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