(Answered) Movie Review: Corridor of Shame: Neglect of South Carolina’s Rural Schools


Locate and watch the below movie trailers to complete a movie review. You may search You Tube for additional trailers on the movie. Corridor of Shame (follow up to Corridor of Shame) The Movie Review is to be a minimum of 1250 words and should discuss portrayals of and insights to issues related to educational and economic opportunity in the United States. No more than one-third of the review may comprise salient plot summary; at least a third should be devoted to a critical analysis of the film’s appropriation of the issues involved, and roughly the same proportion should be devoted to contextualizing the film within the milieu of the course readings and service experiences.

In no instance should the originality report (plagiarism detection) exceed 25%. The paper should be written in APA using 12 inch font with Times New Romans. Also, it has to be doubled spaced. Reference page should have at least 4 or 5 creditable resources.

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