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 Identify a practice problem (evidence-based) – This section should first include an introduction to the practice problem/ issue and proposed project. The problem must be significant to the degree that changes in practice would have a high probability of adoption. Provide background information and identify why this problem is significant. Be sure to incorporate the specifics as they relate to your individual project proposal. Must be in APA format and include reference listing. [ The practice problem is the opioid crisis, specifically in the Veterans population. Need to show global impact of opioid crisis on Veterans (statistics, cost, etc…), followed by prevalence of orthopedic surgeries in that population. Then relate opioid crisis to orthopedic surgeries and propose how implementing an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol will help reduce opioid usage after procedures like hip surgery and total knee replacement]. Again the proposal is the implementation of an enhanced recovery after suregry protocol for veterans undergoing orthopedic surgeries. Must show benefits of using ERAS protocol and why they would benefit.

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