(Answered) Personal Development Portfolio: Initial reflection


 Developing HR Policy The Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) provides the framework to help you expand your academic, professional and career development; build and sustain a personal learning network; articulate your professional goals; and reflect on your skills through various strategies and assessments. In this module there are two PDP submissions. The first PDP Assignment is due for submission here in Week 4, and the second PDP Assignment is due for submission in the final week of the module, Week 8. To prepare for this PDP Assignment: In this week’s PDP Assignment, you will reflect upon your prior knowledge and experience, and consider various perspectives relating to HR policy development. •Reflect on your prior knowledge of and experience with HR policy in organisations. As an employee, reflect upon your own perspective and engagement with HR policy. •Reflect upon the perspective of colleagues whose role may involve HR policy development and/or whose role requires a close working relationship with HR policy developers.

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