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Description Title:- The role of quality education in post apartheid South Africa 1) The issue of reproduction of inequalities from generation to generation, the nexus with structural inequalities, and the role of race and land ownership is important to investigate in the context of SA. See structuralist and reproduction thesis arguments (Foucault et al) which may help frame the issue, question, and bring to a sharper focus what you are dealing with. 2) How does a post-racial society ‘develop’? What does ‘development’ mean here? And what is the role of ‘education’ as opposed to ‘schooling’ and its components of ‘curriculum’ (that reflects middle-class aspirations, etc). See Ball, O’Connor and Harber – schooling is a factory model to support instrumentally the needs of the nation state that wants status quo and can use violence to do this. 3) In line with 2) above, how is policy made and exported and how has SA created its policies post-apartheid SA – see Steiner-Khamsi on policy borrowing the MDG/EFA and continuation in the SDG era. 4) Finally, in terms of ‘quality’ – what is it – see OECD on Quality Education – and also where does one start to infuse quality in the school system – see work on ECD particularly the ‘African Child’ – Marfo and Pence.

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