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The paper is about the EquitySim game, which is based on holding a portfolio of different securities and trading them based on chosen strategies. Everything there is a free choice of what a person wanted to invest in. The outline of the assignment will be added in files.

The assignment requires to analyze the strategies of investing in ONE particular security, or overall why have I invested in e.g. only bonds, and not equity.

The assignment needs to contain analysis of macroenvironmental causes too. What is important is that the assignment was due early december 2018, thus whatever will be analyzed (like what affected the prices of certain stock) has to be from before December 19th. I am attaching the sample of my fellow’s report, and I need something like that. What is most important, the content is of a free choice of the writer; meaning that there is no need to actually know how did I perform in the game before, just write a constant paper about even one security and perform needed analysis. It’s up to the writer what security will it be, but I will share the link to my portfolio to get most important information from there, like for e.g. asset allocation. But it is up to the writer to say why etc.

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