(Answered) Patient Safety and Clinical Quality in Complex Nursing Care


 In this assessment you will reflect on your own development in relation to your professional practice, your knowledge and skill development. This can include reflecting on things you have read and linking theory with practice. This assessment will assess the students’ ability to engage with and critically reflect on their role and responsibility in maintaining patient safety and promoting clinical quality in professional practice. This learning activity contributes to students’ preparedness for ongoing learning and personal development to extend their abilities in relation to becoming a registered nurse. As this assessment is about your development as a safe practitioner and as everyone learns and develops their practice different, each reflection will be different. You are not expected to have learned everything there is to know on these topics. However, there needs to be an analytical aspect to the reflection on how you learn, incorporate new found knowledge into your practice and insight into how you will apply this to ensure you maintain patient safety. In addition, there needs to be evidence that you can identify what you still need to learn and what next steps you will take into ongoing development.


Three patient safety and clinical quality focused activities Students participate in three patient safety and clinical quality focused activity sets which can be loaded into their ePortfolio. Each activity has a different focus related to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and incorporates the various clinical skills specifically developed in this subject. The activities and associated resources will be made available in UTSOnline. After completing each activity students are to answer any associated questions and complete an ACTIVITY REPORT (2 – 3 pages). These will be submitted with the written reflection as appendices. A written reflection On completion of the three learning activities students are required to undertake a written reflection on their own learning and development as a safe practitioner, drawing on examples from the three areas of patient safety and clinical quality covered in the learning activities. The reflection also requires students to consider, at a beginning level, how to continue to advance their clinical capability in relation to patient safety.

GUIDELINES Length: Completion of 3 directed activities (2-3 pages each) and 1200 word (+/- 10%) written reflection

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