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There were a number of issues that were of national debate following the shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. One of these focused on the weapon used, the AR 15 “Military Assault Weapon.” Research the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. What does it allow and what doesn’t it allow regarding gun restrictions? Why did our forefathers include the Second Amendment (what were they afraid of)? What is/are assault weapon(s) and how do they differ from “non-assault weapons” (if there is such a thing)? Are there any firearm restrictions at the state level (you choose the state of your choice), county, or municipal levels, and if so, argue for and against (equally) applying similar laws to the so called “assault weapon(s).” Finally (yes I know), look at the last two mass shootings in which the shooters used shotguns, and discuss how those deaths and injuries are any less significant than those at Stoneman Douglas (other than children were involved).

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